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Slasifyis a B2B HRM platform for businesses. Slasify optimizes your workforce by providing a seamless platform to hire and manage top talents globally. Started in Singapore back in 2016, Slasify was the brainchild of its founder, Mr. Hsiang-Yu Wang who was an IT Developer for over 10 years before realizing that due to the rapid growth of the internet, businesses were expanding at a rate that traditional work models could not catch up with and that’s when Mr. Hsiang-Yu Wang realized that the future of work is in remote work.
Slasify specializes in the hiring, managing and legal compliance of remote workers in the ASEAN and China regions and has over 10,000 talents (80% of which are in the IT Industry) in its network with over 1,000+ talents deployed at any given time to various clients around the world.
In only 3 years, Slasify has already expanded to have offices in Hong Kong, Taipei and Xiamen with further plans to open offices in Malaysia, Thailand and Japan in the next 5 years.
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