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Role Related

How many roles are there on the platform? It’s so confusing!

Simply put, there are three roles on the platform: Project manager, Executive team, and the client. Each person can simultaneously play multiple roles (of course, in addition to their own customers), each role will have their own permissions and communication channels.

How can I become a role who can accept a task?

In addition to the customer, all other roles need to apply in advance. You will need to complete your personal information and provide us with your work experience, academic qualifications, or projects you have participated in. We will arrange related personnel to have a simple conversation with you if necessary. Please note that if you provide any false information, we will permanently close your account and freeze your earnings.

How do I join?

On Slasify, one person can only enable an account. We will enable the Real-name system in the near future, accounts which can not be authenticated will be permanently closed.

Remote Work Related

How do I apply for a remote job?

You have to complete your personal information and CV as well as understanding the needs of the job vacancies that you are going to apply for. Using your real name to register is highly recommended since a real name will significantly increase the chances of employers looking at your application.

How does HR contact me?

The system will notify you via email. Please make sure that emails sent from are not in your spam list.

How is the interview conducted?

In most cases, the first interview will be conducted by online video meeting tools. You will receive further instructions for the interview in advance.

I got an offer! What's next?

Most of the employers will appoint Slasify as their payroll service provider. If so, Slasify or our partners will contact you after we have received the order from your employer to get the documents prepared. Also, Slasify does not engage in your daily operation nor disturb your communication between you and your employer. We handle payroll, social insurances and labour law matters only.

What language should I use to communicate with my team members?

The Internet has no boundaries therefore there is no standard answer. It can be the language of the project manager or any language the whole team agrees to.

Financial Related

When will I receive my payment?

Your employer will send you an e-pay cheque as per the agreed schedule. You can apply for withdrawals at any time. Generally, payment will be released to the designated account within 2 working days except in some countries with strict currency control, in which it would take up to 14 days. Please do note that we try our best to get the payment released as soon as possible.

Which currencies can I use for withdrawing to my local bank account?

We support the following currencies: AUD , CAD , CHF , CNY , EUR , GBP , HKD , IDR , INR , JPY , MYR , NZD , PHP , RUB , SEK , SGD , THB , TWD , USD , VND

How do I pay?

The platform supports international credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) and bank transfer. Please note that any payment asked from people who claim they are Slasify employees is fraudulent and, in any case, Slasify will initiate a collection request with our company account ONLY.

Which bank accounts do you have for receiving payment?

Slasify and our partners offer these bank accounts for our client:

  • OCBC Bank (Singapore): SGD, USD
  • China Construction Bank (Xiamen, China): CNY
  • E. Sun Commercial Bank Ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan): TWD
  • Deutsche Handelsbank AG (Munich, Germany): EUR
  • Community Federal Savings Bank (New York, USA): USD
  • TransferWise Limited (London, Great Britain): GBP

Will I be charged for withdrawals?

We are doing our best to optimize the financial transaction costs of each region. Generally, you only need to pay a small amount of the currency exchange fee. You can consult our customer service team when withdrawing money and we will help you to calculate a proper handling fee.

How to calculate the exchange rate of withdrawal?

We will base the bank rate on the remittance day, the risk of exchange rate will be borne by the Slasify platform. You are free to assess when is the best time to withdraw the money.

Can I use the platform for money laundering?

No. Our platform is monitored 24/7 for fraudulent activities and we will not hesitate to inform the relevant authorities should we find the slightest evidence of money laundering.

Operation Related

Who are you?

The whole Slasify platform is operated by Singapore SLASIFY PTE. LTD. We also provide local service in some regions. You can check out for more detailed information.

What happens when there is a situation in my daily operations?

You can communicate with your project manager first, and if there are still unresolved disputes, the Slasify team will coordinate and troubleshoot.

Is your assessment true?

Each of our assessments is real, not allowed to do any changes and forgery. At the same time, we also calculate credit score of the project team members by cross-comparison. The credit score will affect the range of offers by these members’ proposals in the future.

So how to get credit scores?

Most of credit scores are calculated by the current trading mechanism through the platform. In the near future, heh – heh, everyone will have more ways to accumulate their own credit scores.

Wow, you guys are cool, can I join you?

Our team is cool, so I hope you are a cool person, too. First of all, you have to ask yourself:

  1. are you thinking outside the box?
  2. do you never go to work on time?
  3. are you a restless person?

If yes, then you are very much welcomed to join us.